Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Visiting Dawn

On Friday, July 15th, we went on a field trip to see the Dawn newspaper. Dawn is one of the most popular and oldest newspapers in Pakistan. It has four branches: in Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad (the one we visited) and Peshawar. We learned how the newspaper is organized and printed. Ms. Arifa Noor, one of the editors of the paper, told us about the difference between an editorial and opinion columns—something we had already learned in class from Ms. Mariya. She also answered all of our questions which we had prepared a day before.

For example, one asked, “Why is journalism important?”

Ms. Arifa responded, “Because we hold power accountable.” This means that journalists keep the people who hold power in check. Ms. Noor also said that the readers keep journalists in check by holding them accountable to print and report the truth.

Then the managers Illyas Bhati and Farrukh guided us. Farrukh let us in printing part. He showed us how newspaper printed. He introduce us various machines like Harris printing press, a costly machine imported from the USA, that prints thousands of fresh copies of Dawn for readers every day.

By Umer Rehman

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