Wednesday, 13 July 2011

How to write features, review

On July 7th, we learned how to write a feature article and a review. These articles are significantly difference from news articles in that they are more descriptive and entertaining to read. There is far more creative flexibility allowed in features pieces than hard news.

A feature article is one that we write in descriptive language and in detail to grab the reader’s attention. It also reveals to the reader that the writer is putting spotlight on a report. Up to four paragraphs may be used for a feature lead. Good feature leads often use a lot of description, imagery, and figurative language to set up a scene for the reader. The purpose of a lead is to keep the reader wanting more. Thus, feature leads should be interesting.

After the lead comes the nut graf which provides background information and more context to the reader about the topic of the article (or the person if it is a profile). In the background we need to explain the five W’s and one H. We should make clear to the reader what we think or what is our point of view. We should always indicate our angle as soon as possible. The more quotes in a features article, the better it is. An article becomes much more lively if subjects are telling their own story.

A review is a features article in which the writer reflects on his own experience and provides feedback or gives suggestions to readers. Reviews can be about restaurants, movies, books, music, museums, places, tourist sites, and much more. Reviews are very influential because they have the power to make readers do something. They can make someone decide to spend or waste money, time or energy. Long-term columnists who have gained the trust of their readers are the most influential through their writing. At the end of a review article, we should give a ranking based on our experience. 

By Yousaf Tariq

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