Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Interviewing is Vital

Interviewing is a very important part of journalism. Good interview must contain some spiritual questions. All those questions should be related to the given topic. Truth must be there. Person with whom we are taking interview should have an extra ordinary knowledge about the topic so that whatever he should answer must be true and knowledge for other peoples.

Aside from journalism, interview is one of the most significant factors in hiring. Perhaps the traditional interview is accorded too much power in selection. An interview must be in soft language so that one can easily and comfortably answer your question. Interview should be taken in a comfortable environment. And a person with whom you are taking interview must have enough time so that he can answer your questions fully.

For interviews such as jobs, the questions should be regarding both the job and the actual personality of a person as well his educational level. An interview determines one’s confidence level. The basic point of all interviews is to obtain information.

By Inayatullah

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