Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Headlines, headlines!

Every article in a newspaper bears a headline. The headline attracts the attention of the readers. Editors try their best to come up with thrilling headlines and photo captions to grab the reader’s attention. Based on interesting headlines, readers pick up a newspaper on their own choice. This causes an increase in sale and income. This is why headlines are a very important part of newspaper selling and disseminating information.

When headlines are interesting, they grab the attention of the reader. Every headline must have an action verb. If there is no action verb, then the headline looks boring. A good headline can convey even a full message and can attract the reader to read the whole story. Some headlines are purposefully vague to keep the reader in suspense and force them to pick up a newspaper to read. A headline should promise that the time of reader is not going to be wasted if the reader reads the story.

By Yawar Hasnat

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