Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Visiting Radio Pakistan

On Thursday, July 14th, we went to Abbottabad’s local radio station called Radio Pakistan. The girls were privileged for this field trip because due to time limitations, the boys could not go.

Basically we went there to learn about broadcast journalism, which is very different than print journalism in many respects. For example, people do not need to know how to read in order to understand news by hearing the radio or watching television.

At the radio station, we met Ms. Nadia Bano, who is “comparer”—a person who interviews others on a radio show. We also met some other people who told us interesting things about how a radio show is produced and the different sections of a radio station. One of those people was Sir Barkaat Ahmed, the engineer in charge. He told us about different techniques and equipment used for program on radio. We learned that in order to reduce a voice’s eco in the empty studio—the room where interviews are conducted—white-holed boxes filled with wool and crushed mirror were hung on the wall. These boxes absorb sound waves so they do not reflect back after striking the wall.

Mr. Ahmed also told us about the booth in which the radio program is set and controlled. We learned that in between the booth and the studio are a soundproof glass window and door. All this knowledge was new to all of us.

We also met Sir Amin Bangash, the producer who has been working at the station for five years. It was a pleasure to meet Sir Azhar Ali, the station’s director in charge. He has been working there since November 2008.

Before leaving, Ms. Bano, who has been working as a comparer for four years and her colleague Umer Malik interviewed every single one of us. They decided to do a show on us! We would be on the radio—how exciting! All of us enjoyed this trip and learned a lot.

By Rabia Shujah

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